Your Fairy Godchef is now in Cornelius; Firewater closes

Mary and Bob Lee run the new Fairy Godchef at Shops on the Green, Cornelius. (David Boraks/CorneliusNews.net)

Mary Lee and Bob Linsenmayer run the new Fairy Godchef at Shops on the Green, Cornelius. (David Boraks/CorneliusNews.net)

dining news bugLooking for a place to host a small outing with friends, a birthday party or your women’s group night out? Recent Lake Norman transplants Mary Lee and Bob Linsenmayer have opened Fairy Godchef at Shops on the Green in Cornelius, which they describe as the area’s “newest, most delicious hands-on party venue.” More about that below, plus news about the closing of Firewater Restaurant in Cornelius and a controversy over possible new food truck rules in Charlotte. Read the full story


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Byssara: Dried Fava Bean Puree

Dried fava bean puree, or Byssara

Dried fava bean puree, or Byssara

Nikki Sawyer Moore bug 2013It started with a date night. A couple of weeks ago, we ate dinner at a new restaurant in Charlotte called Stagioni and began our meal with crispy bread and a brilliant-green fava bean spread. Bright with lemon and grounded with garlic, it was the perfect spring appetizer and the best way to start a meal. I’ve had it on my mind ever since thinking how nice it would be on my front porch, on a warm night, with a perspiring glass of rosé in hand. Read the full story


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Foundation offers a ‘Feeding Your Spirit’ cookbook

Cover of the Giving Spirit Foundation's new cookbook. See below for ordering information.

Cover of the Giving Spirit Foundation’s new cookbook. See below for ordering information.

Feeding Your Spirit,” a cookbook created by supporters of the Lake Norman-area’s A Giving Spirit Foundation (AGSF), is now on sale. Local supporters and friends across the country submitted recipes with special family memories such as “Aunt Susan’s Crab Dip,” “Lou’s Favorite Simple Salad,” “Oma’s German Potato Salad,” “Josh’s Favorite Chicken Noodle Cheese Casserole,” “Great Grandma’s Gingerbread Cookies” and “Pauline’s Lemon Pound Cake.”

Altogether this cookbook has more than 200 recipes.  

You can pre-order your cookbook today online atwww.agivingspirit.org.  Preordered cookbooks will be delivered in person at the locations below or mailed to out of town supporters (shipping included in price).  You will also be able to buy a copy at the following venues while supplies last:

  • May 1 – Main Street Books (6-8pm) 126 S Main St, Davidson, NC (Cookbook Launch Party!)
  • May 3 – Davidson Town Day (www.ci.davidson.nc.us) Main Street, Davidson, NC. Look for the AGSF booth.
  • May 17 -  Davidson Farmers Market(www.davidsonfarmersmarket.org) Located next to Town Hall between Main & Jackson Streets.  Look for the AGSF booth.
  • May 24 – Raeford’s Barber Shop (10am-1pm)  206 S. Main Street, Davidson, NC

All proceeds from the cookbook will benefit AGSF.  AGSF provides financial assistance to deserving mothers in the Davidson and greater Charlotte, NC area who are suffering from a debilitating disease or other unforeseen health challenges.  AGSF also supports research organizations searching for a cure for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), like Project ALS and The ALS Association Jim “Catfish” Hunter chapter.  AGSF is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Laura Woodall

Laura Woodall

AGSF was founded in 2008, soon after Laura Woodall of Davidson was diagnosed with ALS. Woodall quickly realized that one of the most challenging parts of living with disease is the toll it can take on the family, mainly due to the new financial pressures that comes with ongoing health issues. That realization prompted her to take action and ask friends to form A Giving Spirit Foundation.

When Mrs. Woodall learned of the upcoming “Feeding Your Spirit” fundraiser, she and her family were eager to submit recipes of their own and they are found throughout the cookbook.

“I remember getting a thrill from hosting our extended family for the holidays. Every step, from making my grocery list, going to the grocery store, to baking anything ahead of time, was as if it was my fulfilling challenge to do this for a wonderful holiday meal together.  By mid-afternoon we could all sit, feast, tell stories from the past, laugh, indulge in seconds, talk more, laugh more, and eventually have room for dessert. That time together was everything I’d hoped for…cooking leading to a sweet victory for everyone!”

Join members of AGSF at Main Street Books for the “Feeding Your Spirit” Cookbook Launch Party!  At that time you can pick up your pre-ordered copy or purchase your copy for $15.00 on Tuesday, May 1, from  6-8pm.

For more information visit www.agivingspirit.org,  www.facebook.com/agivingspirit  and www.twitter.com/agivingspirit.


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Spring Salad of Mâche, Peas, and Radishes

Spring Salad of Mâche, Peas, and Radishes with a Lemon-Walnut Vinaigrette

Spring Salad of Mâche, Peas, and Radishes with a Lemon-Walnut Vinaigrette (Nikki Sawyer Moore photo)

Nikki Sawyer Moore bug 2013This salad will be on my table this weekend.   Sweet and nutty mâche is the centerpiece with dainty microgreens and peppery watercress thrown in for visual and gustatory pleasure.   Radishes, crisp snow peas, and English peas peek out like Easter eggs on a spring morning and crumbled feta provides a salty finishing touch.    The walnut oil grounds the salad with its earthy flavor and lemon juice and zest balance the vinaigrette with brilliant zing.  And if all that weren’t enough to get this salad on your table, may I add that it is gorgeous. Read the full story


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Mouthwatering choices for your 2014 Easter brunch

dining news bugWhat are your Easter dinner plans? Cooking in or dining out? The forecast calls for sunny and clear, and area restaurants – from Alton’s in Cornelius to Epic Chophouse in Mooresville to Flatiron Kitchen and Restaurant X in Davidson – offer plenty of choices for Easter brunch. Also, don’t forget about the weekly Lunch in the Lot Food Truck Wednesdays at the Oak Street Mill. Read the full story


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Spinach & Ricotta Stuffed Shells

Spinach & ricotta stuffed shells.

Spinach & ricotta stuffed shells.

Nikki Sawyer Moore bug 2013It wasn’t always picture perfect. One time my brother, 5 or 6 years old at the time, claimed that a bite of egg would make him throw up. Upon ingesting the offending egg, he proceeded to make his pronouncement come true right by his chair to the alarm and disgust of everyone else. Many a night, one (or two) of us would be left staring at a piece of broccoli or a pile of peas while twisting a napkin in bored defiance. More than once, the theatrics of a family argument on such serious topics as who allowed the hamster to escape (again) or whose turn it was to feed the dog, upstaged the lovingly prepared food on our plates. Read the full story


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